Being an entrepreneur

A friend once said, “I haven’t got an entrepreneurial bone in my body”. After being an entrepreneur for 15 years, one of the key things I’ve learned is that everyone is an entrepreneur – but not everyone can make money from their own business. This friend took an innovative approach, combining legal skills with transfer pricing. She thought she could do things differently by learning more about a pure financial skill and combining it with her legal expertise.

My response to her was that this was an incredibly entrepreneurial approach. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean heading up the next IT start-up. It’s about seeing opportunities. So how does someone know how entrepreneurial they are? Try asking these questions:

People also often ask me when is a good time to become an entrepreneur. I always say, “You’ll know.” Did you know when you should get married? Have children? Start a new career? Change countries? Sometimes it is planned, other times not. But there are some things you can ask yourself to test your readiness:

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. But it can also be the toughest. Not everyone is meant to go out and be an entrepreneur, but you can bring the approach to everything you do. Start by asking yourself the right questions, and gaining some insights on what makes you tick every day.