Over the past 25 years, Z.A.ZEN has adapted its approach and skills base to assist clients in different spheres. Today we offer services in the following areas of expertise:


Z.A.ZEN offers expertise in strategic planning through workshop facilitation, board of director facilitation, development and assisted development of strategy documents. Over the past 15 years we have helped various organisations, global multi-nationals, and national and local government in creating guiding strategy and other analytical documents.

Our specific area of expertise lies in case study development. One of our clients is the City of Johannesburg, for which Z.A.ZEN has written the annual case studies over the past five years. By creating its own case study methodology, Z.A.ZEN has helped the City capture success stories and lessons learned in areas diverse as the development of the public transport system through the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, to alternative income streams through the capture of landfill gases. Z.A.ZEN's depth of experience gives us the flexibility to adjust to a client's needs.

Another client is Appletiser South Africa. Appletiser has had operations in Japan, one of the world's most difficult markets, for over 25 years. Z.A.ZEN's approach was to help Appletiser gain a deeper understanding of the soft drink market in Japan through a market analysis, make recommendations on handling cultural issues, and provide assistance with annual strategic planning with the local distributor.

We also have expertise in diverse areas such as fund-raising and creating strategies and documents to assist clients in meeting business needs. Johannesburg City Parks requested help with raising funds towards planting 200,000 trees in Soweto for the 2010 World Cup. The Z.A.ZEN solution was to raise in-house capability through strategic team workshops and proposal development. Today City Parks has raised over R20 million in funds and is planting trees to green the famous township.


It takes an entrepreneur to understand what entrepreneurs face today. Z.A.ZEN has over 15 years' experience running four different businesses, and has worked with hundreds of small businesses as an export agent to Japan.

Our suppliers have received orders, feedback and product development insights, which have translated to new markets and customers. In addition, Z.A.ZEN creates and sells internationally its own line of hand-crafted African trade bead jewellery, which can be viewed on

We translate our thinking about entrepreneur development to our own Entrepreneur Research Study in Johannesburg. This study listens to the voices of entrepreneurs to find out what they need in order to succeed.

At Z.A.ZEN we take our entrepreneurial spirit to heart by translating our knowledge to open markets for others, assisting and mentoring young people and entrepreneurs and developing our own insights to help those who make decisions about entrepreneurs at a policy level.


As markets grow more competitive and government faces deepening challenges, the need for greater innovation and the ability to capitalise on change through knowledge management have become greater.

Z.A.ZEN is known for translating its global corporate expertise to municipal government, helping nonprofits apply business principles, and being able to apply 25 years of experience in reviewing innovation and knowledge management challenges.

The company has delivered on various knowledge management and innovation publications and developed in-depth expertise with a team of consultants, writers and others who can assist organisations in creating new solutions to innovation and knowledge management. Among these solutions include the innovation publications and knowledge management documents for the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and the City of Johannesburg